Error CodeSystem Behaviour
E09Gas valve wiring fault
E10Outdoor sensor error
E15Gas valve connection fault
E20Central heating thermistor sensor fault
E28Flue thermistor fault
E40Central heating return thermistor fault
E50Domestic hot water sensor fault
E53Flue obstruction
E55Calibration required
E78Water pressure sensor fault
E83 / 84 /
85 /86 / 87
No communication between room controller and boiler
E92Combustion test alarm during auto-setting
E109Poor circulation
E110Boiler overheat tripped
E117System pressure too high (>2.9 bar)
E118System pressure too low
E125Primary water circulation fault
E128Loss of flame during operation
E129Loss of flame during calibration
E130Flue thermostat sensor tripped (lockout)
E133Ignition fault
E135Internal error
E154Primary flow fault
E160Fan fault
E270Dry fire
E317Wrong power supply (HZ)
E321Hot water thermistor fault
E384Flame detected when gas valve off (false flame)
E385Low voltage (less than 195v)

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