Boiler Not Working?

boiler not working, woman checking boiler.

Learn how to troubleshoot common boiler issues to ensure efficient heating and discover DIY fixes and when to call a Gas Safe engineer.

Boiler Losing Pressure: Detecting Leaks
Check for leaks under the boiler and around radiators which fix minor leaks or call a Gas Safe engineer.

No Heating or Hot Water: Possible Causes
Troubleshoot thermostat, fuse, credit, or pump issues then call an engineer for faulty parts or complex problems.

Boiler Leaking: Causes and Solutions
Leaks might be due to pressure, pump seals, TCV, loose joints, corroded pipes, or aging boiler.

Banging, Gurgling, or Whistling Noises
Avoid DIY fixes and call a Gas Safe engineer to diagnose air pockets, low water pressure, or kettling.

Pilot Light Going Out: Troubleshooting
Check gas supply, clean pilot light area, or replace a broken thermocouple and seek help if necessary.

Frozen Condensate Pipe: Unblocking Safely
Thaw the frozen part with warm water and consider insulating the pipe to prevent future issues.

Radiators Not Fully Heating Up: Removing Sludge or Air Pocket
Power flush for sludge buildup, bleeding for air pockets and follow manufacturer’s instructions for inhibitor.

Heating Not Coming On at the Right Time: Thermostat Check
Ensure thermostat is set correctly and connected to the internet (for smart thermostats).

Water Too Hot: Adjust Boiler Temperature
Turn down water temperature setting on the boiler and all an engineer if the thermostat is faulty.

Boiler Turns Itself Off: Troubleshooting
Check for fault codes and refer to the manufacturer’s website. Call an engineer for complex issues.


By understanding these common boiler problems and how to fix them, you can maintain a warm and functioning home. For complex issues or if unsure, don’t hesitate to seek the expertise of a Gas Safe engineer. Trust Ignite My Boiler for quick and reliable service

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