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Vaillant EcoTEC Pro, EcoFIT Pure & EcoTEC Plus Boiler Error Codes

Vaillant’s award-winning combination, system and open vent boilers are renowned for their reliability, performance and efficiency.

Sometimes things can go wrong, so we’ve created a handy table of Vaillant error codes.

Vaillant Boiler Error Codes

Baxi Boiler Error Codes

Baxi boilers are normally quite a reliable brand of boiler, but even the most reliable boilers sometimes encounter an issue.

In the rare occasion when your Baxi boiler encounters an error, it will lockout to prevent any further harm to the boiler. We have put together a table of common Baxi error codes to give you a quick idea of what to expect if your Baxi boiler is giving you a rare problem.

Baxi Boiler Error Codes

Potterton Boiler Error Codes

Potterton Boilers are reasonably priced, high-performance, reliable boilers that are built and designed with top-quality components. .

However if you suspect an issue with your Potterton boiler, we have put together a list of their common fault/error codes that could help you to identify the issue and potentially point it out to your Gas Safe Engineer.

Potterton Boiler Error Codes

Main Boiler Error Codes

Main boilers are straightforward and easy to use. They help you meet all the latest legislation requirements in an energy efficient and affordable way helping to reduce your carbon foot print.

Sometimes your boiler may show an error code. We have put together a list of Main gas boiler error codes to help you determine if there is a problem with the boiler, gas supply or heating system and how to resolve it. Some problems are easy to fix and you can carry out a few simple steps to do it yourself, while others need to be sorted out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Main Boiler Error Codes
Main Boiler error codes