How to Re-pressurise a Combi Boiler

How to Re-pressurise a Combi Boiler, woman calling Ignite my Boiler gas engineer

Have you noticed that your radiators are not getting as hot as they usually do? Or are you having problems with your hot water? Or has your heating and hot water turned off? This could be a result of a loss in boiler pressure which needs re-pressurising.

If your boiler pressure levels have dropped, you may need to re-pressurise your boiler to ensure that it continues to work as efficiently as possible. If you are experiencing these issues, don’t panic as the majority of the time, you can re-pressurise your boiler yourself, without having to call out a Gas Safe Engineer.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know about re-pressurising your boiler, with a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Experiencing radiator issues or hot water problems? Learn how to re-pressurise your combi boiler with ease.

Understanding Combi Boilers: Efficient Heating and Hot Water
Combi boilers directly heat water from the mains, saving space and providing on-demand hot water.

Checking Boiler Pressure: Hydraulic Gauge or Digital Display
Monitor the pressure gauge and that ideal levels are between 1 to 1.5 bar. Low or high pressure requires action.

Bleeding Radiators: A Solution for High Pressure
Release pressure by bleeding radiators if gauge reads above 2.75 bar and seek professional assistance if unsure.

Re-pressurising Your Combi Boiler: Step-by-Step Guide
Switch off boiler, locate filling key and follow the simple steps to re-pressurise your boiler effectively.

Timing and Frequency: When to Re-pressurise
Re-pressurise when gauge reads below 1 bar. Frequent re-pressurising may indicate a leak; consult a professional.

Different Systems: Pressurised and Non-Pressurise
Combi boilers need mains connection for re-pressurising and conventional boilers may have a self-filling water tank.


Knowing how to re-pressurise your combi boiler ensures uninterrupted heating and hot water supply. Follow our step-by-step guide for DIY maintenance and for complex issues, consult a professional Gas Safe engineer. Trust Ignite My Boiler for all your heating needs

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