The Modern Smarter Home

The Modern Smarter Home_woman controlling heating on mobile app

S-M-A-R-T (“Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology”).

In the last few years you’ve probably been hearing that we all need to get more interconnected. With all of this talk becoming our future, many wish that they could just build a smart portal to send them back to a time when things were much simpler. At Ignite My Boiler we understand that this can seem daunting for most, however it needn’t be! We are hear to help…

If you’re wondering what is SMART home heating , how does it work and why should you (or shouldn’t you) get it?

Standard thermostats offer basic functionality from either a Dial or control panel; such as turning your heating on or off, adjusting temperature controls and a timer. However the Smart thermostat’s approach has been made to provide a more convenient lifestyle. It allows customers to monitor every minute of their heating’s performance literally from the palms their hands by creating access to numerous controls via a Smartphone or tablet. Meaning it can be managed from the comfort of your own sofa, in fact so long as you have an Internet connection you could potentially control your heating from the Pyramids in Egypt.

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