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The average gas and electricity bill cost in the UK – 2023

Introduction: In 2023,The average gas bill cost in the UK have increased significantly, making it essential for customers to grasp the concept of an “average” bill. Ignite My Boiler presents data for this year and previous years to shed light on typical energy costs and provides practical tips to lower expenses.

Average Gas and Electricity Bills in the UK:

  1. Current average unit rates (July price cap):
    • Electricity: 30.11p per kWh
    • Gas: 7.51p per kWh
    • Standing charges: Electricity – 52.97p/day, Gas – 29.11p/day
  2. Average Electricity Bill (as of July 2023): £873.19/year
  3. Average Gas Bill (as of July 2023): £901.20/year

Average Energy Bills by House Size:

  • Low (1-2 bedrooms): £1,442.37/year
  • Medium (3-4 bedrooms): £2,073.98/year
  • High (5+ bedrooms): £2,775.02/year

Factors Affecting Energy Bills:

  • Energy price cap set by Ofgem based on wholesale market prices
  • Potential government interventions
  • Market factors affecting gas prices

Cost-Saving Tips:

  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances
  • Improve home insulation
  • Use energy saving equipments

Conclusion: Understanding average energy bills empowers customers to make informed decisions about energy usage. Follow cost-saving tips to manage expenses effectively amidst rising energy costs in the UK. Ignite My Boiler encourages customers to adopt energy-efficient practices for a greener and cost-effective future.

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