What’s the average boiler service cost

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A boiler is the core of your home’s heating system and like any mechanical device, requires routine maintenance to ensure that it operates properly and safely.

Now ask yourself, “Have I given my trusty boiler the attention it deserves?”

Yes, your boiler, like your automobile or even your beloved hairy pet, requires monthly maintenance to keep it purring (or should we say, humming!) along smoothly.

Your home’s heating system relies on a well-maintained boiler and regular service ensures safety and efficiency. Wondering about the cost? Read on!

The Importance of Regular Boiler Service
Like a loyal pet, your boiler needs monthly maintenance to run smoothly and regular servicing prevents breakdowns and saves energy.

What is a Boiler Service?
A Gas Safe engineer checks your heating system for safety and potential problems. Proper maintenance extends the boiler’s life.

The Need for Annual Boiler Service
All boilers require yearly servicing by a Gas Safe engineer for safe and efficient operation. Skipping service can lead to bigger problems.

Factors Affecting Boiler Service Cost
The cost varies based on boiler type, brand, age, location, and additional work which may be needed. Choose Ignite My Boiler for competitive pricing.

Average Boiler Service Cost in 2023
In London, expect to pay £80-£130, and in the North East, it’s around £70-£100 while Gas boilers typically cost £80-£100.

The Money-Saving Benefits of Servicing Your Boiler
Regular servicing increases efficiency and also prevents costly repairs while extending the boiler’s lifespan. It also ensures safety and peace of mind.

Tips to Save Money on Boiler Service
Schedule your boiler service in the summer for lower costs. Compare quotes from Gas Safe qualified companies and also consider annual contracts for full coverage.

Maintaining Your Boiler for Longevity
Regular maintenance, cleaning, and addressing small issues prevent costly repairs and ensures optimal performance of your boiler.


Keeping your boiler well-serviced not only saves money but also ensures a safe and efficient heating system. At Ignite My Boiler we offer competitive pricing and a 5 star expert service. Don’t hesitate to schedule your annual boiler service and enjoy a warm, worry-free home!

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